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Found at Nimmo

Bring a piece of the Nimmo Bay magic home

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Save $73.00Designed by Anian exclusively for Nimmo Bay, the Double Lofted Vest is the perfect layer to add when you don't know what the weather will do. Made with a wind and water-resistant cotton fabric shell, and filled with recycled wool, this vest raises the bar for high-performance, sustainable clothing.
Women's Double Lofted Vest Sale price$292.00 CAD Regular price$365.00 CAD
Steak Knife
Leechtown Blacksmith Co
Steak Knife Sale price$450.00 CAD
Leechtown blacksmith handmade oyster shucker for confluence nimmo bay
Save $3.80Fernwood Espresso coffee whole beans Conflunce Nimmo Bay
Fernwood Coffee
Fernwood 1936 Espresso Sale price$15.20 CAD Regular price$19.00 CAD
Save $52.00Women's Flowy Chambray Shirt
Women's Flowy Chambray Shirt Sale price$78.00 CAD Regular price$130.00 CAD
Save $13.00venturi schulze ancient method balsamic vinegar Confluence Nimmo Bay
Venturi Schulze
Balsamic Vinegar Sale price$52.00 CAD Regular price$65.00 CAD
Shou Sugi Ban Oak Catch All
"EVERGREEN" Photographic Print by Jeremy Koreski
Save $4.30Wstholme tea company Cowichan Breakfast organic black tea confluence nimmo bay
Westholme Tea Company
Cowichan Breakfast Tea Westholme Tea Sale price$17.20 CAD Regular price$21.50 CAD
Westholme tea company classic earl lack tea organic confleunce nimmo bay
Save $13.60copper arrow linen napkin - half moon
Indigo Arrows
Copper Arrows Linen Napkins Sale price$54.40 CAD Regular price$68.00 CAD
Diane Rudge Crew Neck Sweater in Sand
Save $53.00Women's Modern Melton Shirt in Olive Green
Women's Modern Melton Shirt in Olive Green Sale price$145.00 CAD Regular price$198.00 CAD
Nimmo Bay x Miller and Co. Black Drip Vase
"From the Darkness" Photographic Print by Jeremy Koreski for Confluence Nimmo Bay
Champagne Sabre
Patrick Horner
Refugia Sale price$27.00 CAD
B.A. Weaving blanket in green
B.A. Weaving
Woven Blanket Sale price$675.00 CAD
Save $8.00Converging Waters
Daniel Hillert and Gwen Curry
Converging Waters Sale price$32.00 CAD Regular price$40.00 CAD
Diane Rudge Mohair Sweater in Tan
Diane Rudge
Mohair Sweater in Tan Sale price$750.00 CAD
Diane Rudge Knit Cardigan in Charcoal
Diane Rudge Knit Cardigan in Cream
Diane Rudge
Knit Cardigan in Cream Sale price$750.00 CAD
Nimmo Bay Leechtown Blacksmith Co. Damascus Steak Knife Set
Diane Rudge Knit Cardigan
Diane Rudge
Knit Cardigan in Ochre Sale price$750.00 CAD