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Found at Nimmo

Bring a piece of the Nimmo Bay magic home

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Sangre de Fruta Botanical Body Wash Confluence Nimmo Bay
In THIS IS NOWHERE, Jeremy's photographs tell the story of places that are often unseen for what they are: inherently valuable and worthy of our protection.
Jeremy Koreski
THIS IS NOWHERE Sale price$70.00 CAD
Anian Buffalo Plaid Agnello Wool Blanket
Dandelion Wildflower Facial Cream
Sangre de Fruta Botanical Conditioner Confluence Nimmo Bay
Sangre de Fruta Botanical Shampoo Confluence Nimmo Bay
Sangre de Fruta
Botanical Shampoo Sale price$72.00 CAD
Leechtown Blacksmith mushroom foraging knife handmade Confluence Nimmo Bay
Goodbeast Crushed Cup - Grey
GoodBeast Design
Crushed Cups Sale price$210.00 CAD
Pocket Cleaver
becoming wild by nikki van schyndel for confluence nimmo bay
Nimmo Bay x fairechild Cabin Coat
Cabin Coat Sale price$495.00 CAD
Save $200.00Nimmo Bay x Anian women's double lofted vest on a woman carrying a yeti cooler off a boat
Women's Double Lofted Vest Sale price$165.00 CAD Regular price$365.00 CAD
Save $54.00Anian Women's Natural Fleece Vest
Women's Natural Fleece Vest Sale price$81.00 CAD Regular price$135.00 CAD
Regatta Shirt
Upper Form
Regatta Shirt Sale price$364.00 CAD
Sold outcopper moons linen napkins with a platter of bread
Oceano Recycled Cashmere Toque
Elise Mclauchlin wooden handmade cream and sugar set tea Confluence Nimmo Bay
Leechtown blacksmith handmade oyster shucker for confluence nimmo bay
Save $67.50Anian Men's Grey Oxford Shirt
Men's Grey Oxford Shirt Sale price$82.50 CAD Regular price$150.00 CAD
venturi schulze ancient method balsamic vinegar Confluence Nimmo Bay
Venturi Schulze
Balsamic Vinegar Sale price$65.00 CAD
Sangre de Fruta Botanical hand & body lotion Confluence Nimmo Bay
Save $30.00Women's Flowy Chambray Shirt
Women's Flowy Chambray Shirt Sale price$100.00 CAD Regular price$130.00 CAD
Steak Knife
Leechtown Blacksmith Co
Steak Knife Sale price$450.00 CAD
Nimmo Bay x Miller and Co. Black Drip Vase