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Confluence Nimmo Bay


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premium european linen

Nimmo Bay X Sömn Home

just released

The Facial Kit

Restocked in all sizes


Our new warm layer

Anian Georgia Coat

featuring the 1981 helifish logo

The Legacy Cotton Tee

Connect with the Wildness Within

Our shop tells a story of people and place. Each item is chosen with care by the team at Nimmo Bay Resort, with the intention to inspire your connection to self, to others, and to nature.


Whether you’re in pursuit of adventure, wellness, or a taste to remember, you’ll find the ingredients for a life well-lived here.

Our collection is filled with things to use, to keep, to gift, and to pass down to the next generation. We offer handcrafted products used in the spa, kitchen, and cabins at Nimmo Bay Resort, along with a selection of brands that are loved by our team.

Blacksaw Mason Throw Blanket

Bring Nimmo Home

Over the years our guests have shared how much they love the handmade details and local products that elevate their experience at Nimmo Bay Resort.

With Confluence, we’re bringing together the comforts that make Nimmo Bay so special, and letting it flow out into the world. Our hope is to connect you to the people behind the products, and the natural world that inspires them.

Shop found at Nimmo

Found At Nimmo

Tried and true gear, goods and little luxuries we've hand-selected and use everyday at Nimmo Bay Resort.

Minority Owned

Businesses led by Indigenous and other underrepresented groups using traditional techniques & methods.

Women Owned

Women business owners and artists who are doing creative and brilliant things for their communities.

Locally Made

We choose products made as close to home as possible - often handmade and small batch productions.

Meet Nimmo's partners and collaborators

Artist & Maker Profiles

Meet the Maker: Sömn Home

Meet the Maker: Sömn Home

On average, one third of your life is spent asleep. That's a lot of time spent wrapped up in your sheets. We believe that getting into your bed at the end of the day, whether it's on vacation or on...

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Meet the Maker: Miller + Co.

Meet the Maker: Miller + Co.

Learn about our exclusive collaboration with Jen Rose and Devin Miller of Miller + Co. Their journey to creating this homeware brand was winding, but they were made to innovate and create. They pri...

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Meet the Maker: Diane Rudge

Meet the Maker: Diane Rudge

Meet Diane Rudge, a fiber and textile artist based in Ucluelet, a small town on Vancouver Island. Join us on an exploration of artistic passions and climate consciousness, as she transforms wool in...

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