Whether you’re in pursuit of adventure, wellness, or a taste to remember, you’ll find the ingredients for a life well lived here.

Our collection is filled with things to use, to keep, to gift, and to pass down to the next generation. We offer handcrafted products used in the spa, kitchen, and cabins at Nimmo Bay Resort, along with a selection of brands that are loved by our team.


Over the years our guests have shared how much they love the handmade details and local products that elevate their experience at Nimmo Bay Resort. We’ve long enjoyed curating the best locally made products, hunting for vintage finds, or working with local artisans to create one of a kind pieces to share with our guests.

With Confluence, we’re bringing together some of the things that make Nimmo Bay so special, and letting it flow out into the world. Our hope is to connect you to the people behind the products, and the natural world that inspires them. In turn, we hope you’ll find a closer connection to yourself.

Guided by nature, we strive to support local, sustainable businesses. We’re also committed to using our platform to put female, indigenous, and minority-owned businesses in the spotlight. 

Through Confluence our goal is to empower you to treat yourself or your loved ones, while making a positive impact on others. Every product we offer aligns with one or more of these values:

SUSTAINABLE  |  Brands committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products.
ETHICAL  |   Companies that treat all people, animals, and the earth fairly.
LOCAL  |   Canadian brands and products made as close to home as possible.
MINORITY OWNED  |  Businesses led by Indigenous and other underrepresented groups.
FEMALE LED  |  Businesses led by women.
FOUND AT NIMMO BAY  |  Tried and true gear, goods and little luxuries used at Nimmo Bay Resort.