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Leechtown Blacksmith Co.

Leechtown Blacksmith Co.

From foraging knives used to collect mushrooms in the forests, to carbon steel pans taking heat in the kitchen. As a guest at Nimmo Bay, you get to experience using one of the uniquely crafted steak knives in our restaurant Little River. These products are embedded into the culture of Nimmo Bay.

ryan fogarty oyster shucker

West Coast Oyster Shucker

Designed in collaboration with oyster pro Jess Taylor, owner of the Wandering Mollusk Catering Co., this hand-forged oyster shucker is weighted and shaped for the small, delicate oysters of the pacific northwest.


Pocket Cleaver

This handmade clever is small enough to pack along wherever you go, and sharp enough to get the job done right.

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Damascus Steak Knife Set

Designed to be used often and passed on to the next generation.

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Nimmo Bay Leechtown Blacksmith Co. Damascus Steak Knife Set
Save $51.00Pocket Cleaver
Leechtown Blacksmith Co
Pocket Cleaver Sale price$204.00 CAD Regular price$255.00 CAD
Champagne Sabre
Leechtown blacksmith handmade oyster shucker for confluence nimmo bay
Leechtown Blacksmith mushroom foraging knife handmade Confluence Nimmo Bay
Steak Knife
Leechtown Blacksmith Co
Steak Knife Sale price$450.00 CAD