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Forest Etiquette

Forest Etiquette

“There's just such a difference in being able to crush something between your fingers and know what it smells like, what it does, how it works, how it grows and where it grew.”

Shower Steamers

Slow release steamers that turn your shower into a spa-like experience.


The Nimmo Facial Kit

For the Nimmo Facial experience at home.

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Tidal Sea Salt Body Scrub

A marine clay and sea salt scrub, scented with rosemary, eucalyptus and cedarwood.

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8 products

Sunshine Serum
Sunshine Serum Sale price$45.00 CAD
Dandelion Wildflower Facial Cream
Wild and Windswept Hair and Beard Oil
Blue Face Serum
Blue Face Serum Sale price$43.00 CAD
forest etiquette tidal sea salt body scrub
lavender/sweet fennel/camphor/eucalyptus/fir needle bath bombs
Bath Bombs Sale price$30.00 CAD
Shower steamer stand up pouch by Forest etiquette for Nimmmo Bay
Shower Steamers Sale price$24.00 CAD
The Nimmo Facial Kit

The Maker

Kristen Lambourne is the heart and hands behind Forest Etiquette. She started FE in 2019, blending traditional herbalism with natural actives and has grown a dedicated following.

The Material

About 80% of the whole plants that Kristen uses in her products are either locally grown and harvested or wildcrafted on Vancouver Island.