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Spell Candle for Cleansing & Spiritual Protection

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This candle is infused with chamomile and fennel for tranquility, as well as the spiritually supportive crystals—clear quartz and black tourmaline.

Handmade in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, the Spell Candle provides energy clearing, spiritual protection and brightness in heavy times through sacred ritual practice.

Each candle comes with an instructional guide to create a cleansing and spiritual protection ritual.

Key Ingredients

  • Bay leaves for protection and clearing
  • Clear quartz, a stone of power to amplify intention, to cleanse, to increase spiritual vibration.
  • Black tourmaline for protection against negative energy and spiritual attacks
  • Devil's club oil and thorns for protection of body and spirit, health, and to ward off negativity and spirits
  • Red peppercorns to sweeten and hasten fire
  • Gold bio glitter to symbolize warmth and the sun
  • Blessed earth as an invocation of nature spirits and ancestors.
  • Fennel & Coffee grounds to bind and quicken the energy and speed of attainment
  • Moon and storm water aids in the manifestation, protection, power, self-esteem, and balancing emotions, pain, and grief.
  • Chamomile for happiness tranquility and peace
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  • Ingredients

    Soy wax, cotton wick, blend of botanicals, crystals and blessed earth

  • How To Use

    Burn morning and evening during times of need. Most effective when used leading up to and during the full moon. To extinguish, snuff or smother with lid. Always use caution when burning candles.

About Standing Spruce

Created by Lesley Assu, of the Haida Nation, Standing Spruce Farm & Apothecary makes wildcrafted products and remedies, drawing on ancestral knowledge of plant medicine. Each product is crafted by hand using thoughtfully sourced and locally harvested ingredients, with the aim of passing on traditional knowledge to the next generation.

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Standing Spruce Cleansing and Protection candle
Spell Candle for Cleansing & Spiritual Protection Sale price$42.00 CAD