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Champagne Sabre

Sale price$1,600.00 CAD

When life calls for a celebration, this handcrafted champagne sabre will be the first thing you reach for. Custom designed for Nimmo Bay, the hand-forged blade is made from high carbon steel, wrapped in Teak with a Paua shell inlay. A true collector's piece.

The ceremonial art of sabrage was popularized just after the French Revolution when Napoleon's cavalry would use their sabres (the sword of choice at the time) to open bottles of champagne after a victory.

This piece is handmade exclusively for Nimmo Bay by Ryan Fogarty of Leechtown Blacksmith Co. Due to the one of a kind nature of these pieces, your sabre will have wood and inlay variations from the piece featured in our images shot on location at Nimmo Bay.

How to Sabre

  1. Start with a bottle of ice-cold champagne. The bottle must be well chilled to ensure a clean break.
  2. Remove the foil and wire cage to reveal the cork.
  3. Safety first! Point the bottle toward an open area, away from people or anything else that may get damaged.
  4. Hold the bottle at a 30°-45° angle, grasping firmly from the base with one hand.
  5. Turn the vertical seam on the side of the bottle to face upward.
  6. Hold the blunt edge of the sabre flat against the seam on the bottle, with the sharp edge pointing toward you.
  7. Slowly draw the sabre toward you along the seam then, keeping the blade firmly pressed to the bottle at a roughly 20° angle, strike upward toward the lip.
  8. If you've been successful, the top of the bottle will have cleanly broken off. If not, try again!
  9. Please take care to watch for broken glass and sharp edges when serving your champagne.
  • Contents

    High carbon steel, Hawaiian Koa with a Sea Lion tooth inlay, Brass

  • Additional Details

    11 inch carbon steel blade

About Leechtown Blacksmith Co

Proof that doing things the old-fashioned way can be the right way, Leechtown Blacksmith's hand-forged cookware, and knives are the stuff of legend. Founder Ryan Fogarty's artfully crafted pieces are made for indoor and outdoor cooking and built to be passed on through generations.

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Champagne Sabre
Champagne Sabre Sale price$1,600.00 CAD