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ANIAN's sustainable Canadian-made clothing line has been a long-time favourite of Nimmo Bay Resort's guests and staff alike. With a collection that's up to the test against the elements, yet stylish enough to take you to happy hour and beyond, it's no surprise that they've developed a cult following. 

We asked our good friends at ANIAN to share their journey, how they're reimagining the possibilities of recycled clothing, and why they don't want you to pack 100 items into the woods when you can just bring one. Read on for the interview.

Anian x Nimmo Bay

Can you provide a short introduction to ANIAN and your products?

ANIAN is a Victoria B.C. Clothing company that focuses on circular fashion and alternative supply chain management. We make our clothing in a timeless design right here in Vancouver B.C., out of post-consumer waste textiles.

How did the journey to starting ANIAN unfold?

In a sea-can with no power or running water on the wrong side of Victoria's industrial park. From the beginning, ANIAN has viewed problems with a different lens. When faced with the high price of putting in a power pole, the brand decided to go solar and became Canadas first 100% solar retail store. This alternative thinking has stayed with ANIAN. When the last of the industrial woolen mills closed in Canada ANIAN was forced once again to innovate.  ANIAN followed the whispers and rumors. These whispers spoke of a re-carding process that could take post-consumer waste deemed "valueless" and give it new life. ANIAN has followed those rumors and is now happy to create an entire clothing line that is focused on producing only recycled textile goods. 

Anian Nimmo Bay hat

What is the leading intention and inspiration behind the products you create?

 We wish to inspire others, both brands and people, to view how they look at "value-less" products. The future of fashion, textiles, and industry must be the ability to view what was once trash as an opportunity. We cannot continue to live a one-way road lifestyle where we consume and toss. We must learn and take what is thrown out and turn it back into value-added goods. 

How does your surrounding environment / home influence your brand and products?

 ANIAN creates and lives in the PNW, it is cold, wet, windy, and the winter seeps into your bones. It is this environment that inspires us, both product design but also product supply chain. The Pacific Northwest is a place that takes your breath away with its natural beauty. We must protect that beauty. We must create products that do not directly destroy the very thing we are trying to save. That is why ANIAN has focused on recycled natural fibers.

 Anian Sweater

Tell us how you embody the principles of sustainability? What makes your product ethical?

Textile landfills are the end of most clothing's story- this is where ANIAN's clothing story beings. From the first article picked from textile landfills to the finale button attached in Vancouver, ANIAN has open and continuous communication and awareness of how its clothing is made. By manufacturing in Vancouver, we do not use a third-party certification system- we show up and see it ourselves. Like the re-carding process in Europe, we do not book third-party certification walk throws- we visit with our own eyes.  Transparency and education in the process of clothing manufacturing are necessary to understand the actual cost of goods. 

How does ANIAN inspire the wild within and connect people to place?

ANIAN is focused on creating timeless products that let you enjoy nature. We believe it is these moments that stay with us the longest. It's funny to hear from a clothing company. But the best things in life aren't things–and ANIAN believes in this. We create clothing so you can enjoy the here and the now of nature, in the rain, the wind, the sleet, the snow, feeling the warm sun on your back, or the clearing of rain. ANIAN doesn't want you to bring 100 items to the woods, bring one.

 Anian socks

What is the life that you dream for your products? Where would they live, what would they do, would they get used every day or on special occasions?

ANIAN creates products that work in the largest metropolitan cities in the world and on the back roads of rural life. The ideal place for ANIAN is on your back, getting used, living experiences, getting beat up by the weather. The most important thing for us is that you use our product. However you wear your ANIAN or where ever you wear your ANIAN is up to you. 

Shop our Nimmo Bay x Anian Collection.


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