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Tin Cloth Hat

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The Anian waxed cotton Tin Cloth Hat wears comfortably and holds up through the years. For its weather-shedding design, we owe a tip of the cap to long-ago sailors who found that wet sails caught the wind more efficiently than dry—an observation that eventually led to rubbing grease or fish oil into sails, and later to the use of paraffin wax to create a sturdy fabric capable of stopping the wind.

Flexible, windproof and waterproof—and nicknamed ‘Tin Cloth’ for its incredible durability—waxed cotton also allows warm-weather breathability, making it an ideal material for a hat you can wear in summer sun, autumn sleet and almost any forecast in between. The cotton can be re-waxed when the coating eventually wears off. This cap proudly features the Nimmo Bay logo across the front.

The Legacy cap features the original Nimmo Bay heli-fish logo for a nostalgic nod to the past.

  • Contents

    100% cotton with weather-resistant paraffin wax.

  • Care Instructions

    Wash in cold water and hang to dry. To give the strap, buckle and wax coating a longer life, we recommend washing only when necessary. We also recommend a quick rinse in fresh water if the hat has been exposed to salt water.

  • Additional Details

    One size fits all, with adjustable strap at the back. Depth is 4”.

About Anian

Designed with respect for nature and built to transition from rugged outdoor pursuits to urban adventure, Anian is a quintessential west coast lifestyle brand. The entire collection is made in Canada using primarily recycled natural fibres and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

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Tin Cloth Hat
Tin Cloth Hat Sale price$59.00 CAD