Thermohair Ankle Socks

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Made in Canada

Successfully tested in Antarctica and on the world’s highest peaks, the regular crew socks are the original “Thermohair” socks and have been on the market since 1992.

With unparalleled insulation and cushioning, they are the most comfortable, warm, durable socks that you will ever own. Ideal for those working and playing in the cold outdoors.

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Why we chose it

When you are heading into the mountains for a hike, the right socks are key. Canadian made Thermohair socks provide superior warmth and cushioning keeping you moving with ease and comfort in the wild.

Contents: 75% Kid Mohair / 25% Nylon. Kid Mohair is the hair sheared from the first 2 shearings of the young Angora Goats. It is not a wool. It is known for its softness, strength and warmth. Mohair is sometimes referred to as the “diamond fiber”.

Product details: If you have wider feet and are at the top size of the pair of socks, you may consider choosing the next size up.

Care instructions: Machine wash using a warm or cold setting for maximum 8 minute wash cycle, and right side out. Hang to dry. If you have a front loading washer, please use the delicate cycle and place the socks in a washable laundry bag.

About Thermohair

A trailblazer with a vision, Theresa Bergeron started Thermohair socks as a one woman operation in 1992. She began using kid mohair from her own goats that was scoured, carded, spun and knit at different mills in Canada. Producing amazingly soft and strong socks, blankets, scarves and hats the brand is now a family business with Theresa at the helm.

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