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Steak Knife

Sale price$450.00 CAD

Handmade exclusively for Confluence Nimmo Bay by Ryan Fogarty of Leechtown Blacksmith Co. This steak knife features a hand-forged, high carbon, stainless steel blade and custom handle carved from windfall wood. Each knife is a unique, statement piece to have at the dinner table.

Designed to be used often and passed on to the next generation, we want this knife to showcase your stories and transport you back to a specific memory and moment you've had at Nimmo Bay.

List price is per knife. For multiple knives, please adjust quantity.

Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery from the time you place your order.

We also offer custom knife design. Do you have a special memento you've collected at Nimmo Bay? A stone, a piece of wood, a beautiful shell? Let's incorporate it! Send us an email and we will work with you and Ryan to co-create a specialized piece. We can't wait to hear from you. Pricing starts at $450 - we will provide you with a final quote after consultation.

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    High carbon steel blade and various wood handles, subject to availability. Local wood availability includes, but is not limited to Burl, Yew, Maple, Arbutus, Cedar, Juniper as well as some decorative woods planted by local partners. Handles will also feature a custom detailing including, but not limited to Paua shell, mammoth ivory, and meteorite.

About Leechtown Blacksmith Co

Proof that doing things the old-fashioned way can be the right way, Leechtown Blacksmith's hand-forged cookware, and knives are the stuff of legend. Founder Ryan Fogarty's artfully crafted pieces are made for indoor and outdoor cooking and built to be passed on through generations.

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Steak Knife
Steak Knife Sale price$450.00 CAD