Ovoid Cedar Bough in Opaque Pink

Warren Steven Scott
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Made from sterling silver and recycled acrylic, this pair of earrings features elongated and narrow pieces from our Double Bar Mini earrings are assembled to resemble a cedar bough, the branch of the tree, in acrylic and sterling silver. You might also see, birds feet. 

Designer Warren Steven Scott's mission is to design a modern image of fashion pictured through an Indigenous lens. His collection of earrings is inspired by the designs and motifs of his ancestors.

Contents: Acrylic and sterling silver

Product details: 8.5 cm long

About Warren Steven Scott

Warren Steven Scott is a contemporary accessory designer, fashion designer, tailor, and craftsperson. He is a member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation, whose territory is located in the interior of present-day British Columbia.

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