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"Horse Spirit" Art print

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Miigwan Feather started her journey into creating art as a form of healing. At 19 years old a drawing of Mother Earth came to her, and she put it down on paper. On a whim, Miigwan submitted it to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as her portrayal of what a reconciled Canada looks like. Now, this original Mother Earth piece can be found in the Government House in Alberta. She went on to create two more pieces in the Mother Earth series; "The Movement" and "Sacred Smoke".

Miigwan Feather draws her inspiration from the natural world, but also pulls power from within herself. She’s realised that art is a necessary form of therapy. Her hope is that the pieces she creates might touch those who are experiencing like emotions or going through similar experiences to her own. 

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    Print on paper or print on canvas with by hand details, unframed.

About Miigwan Feather Reine

Miigwan Feather Reine is an award winning indigenous artist of Anishinaabe, Red River Métis, and Oglala Lakota Sioux ancestry. Miigwan’s ancestral name is Ogimaa Miigwan Ikwe, which translates into Boss Feather Woman. “I like to be wild and not tamed in this society. I like to have my being connect to nature and Mother Earth. Just my true essence feels safe and secure in her.”

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"Horse Spirit" art print
"Horse Spirit" Art print Sale price$1,000.00 CAD