Cottonwood Fragrance Oil

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The Wildbasics Cottonwood Fragrance Oil transports you to the first warm sunny days of early spring in Canada, breathing deeply as you sit by the lake or river. 

This fragrance oil is 100% natural and handmade in small batches in T’sou-ke. Resin from the Cottonwood tree is beautifully aromatic and locally harvested in British Columbia to create this warm and fresh scent. It’s slowly infused into an organic olive oil to create a hydrating base. As the fragrance warms on the skin, you’ll get hints of vanilla, pine and honey.

Why we chose it

All quality botanicals for this fragrance oil are gathered sustainably and put together with great care. Its moisturizing properties are excellent for the skin and the scent is iconicly west coast.

Ingredients: Local populus balsamifera, organic extra virgin olive oil

Contents: 10ml

About Wildbasics

Wildbasics is inspired by the remote, wild places and territories that founder Saralyn has been fortunate enough to be a guest in. With experience as a wilderness guide, learning about plants was a natural progression of her job. Through this she discovered how to bottle up her favourite scent of the Canadian forests, and created her line of small-batch, all natural Cottonwood Fragrance Oil.

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