Sirene Tingo Maria 73% Dark Chocolate

Sirene Chocolate
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Made in Canada

Rich and flavourful with subtle caramel notes, the Tingo Maria bar is handcrafted in small batches Victoria, BC. Sirene's partner Ucayali River Cacao collects, ferments and dries the exceptional quality cacao from deep in the Amazon jungle in Peru.

Why we chose it

This multiple award-winning bar is made with carefully sourced cacao for an intense, distinctive flavour.

Ingredients: Cacao beans (Peru), organic cane sugar

Product details: 60g

About Sirene Chocolate

Sirene is an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Victoria, BC. Founder Taylor Kennedy is passionate about developing direct-trade relationships with cacao farmers around the world to produce fine quality chocolate that supports the communities involved, from where the beans are grown, to where the bars are sold.

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