Sirene Dark Milk Chocolate

Sirene Chocolate
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Made in Canada

A milk chocolate for dark chocolate purists, or a dark choice for milk chocolate lovers, Sirene’s Dark Milk bar promises to turn anyone into a believer. A light addition of milk adds a creamy texture but the Guatemalan cacao beans steal the show in this 65% dark chocolate bar.

Why we chose it

This multiple award-winning bar is rich, smooth, and sure to please any chocolate lover.

Ingredients: Cacao bean (Guatemala), milk powder, cane sugar

Product details: 60g

About Sirene Chocolate

Sirene is an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Victoria, BC. Founder Taylor Kennedy is passionate about developing direct-trade relationships with cacao farmers around the world to produce fine quality chocolate that supports the communities involved, from where the beans are grown, to where the bars are sold.

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