Cinnamon Mug

Pinto Ceramics
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For those days when you want a little extra coffee in your cup, the Cinnamon Mug by Pinto is the perfect choice. 

These handmade stoneware ceramic mugs feature a speckled cinnamon glaze with a generously sized handle. The minimalist design is inspired by the laid-back aesthetic and natural abundance of the west coast.

Why we chose it

At Nimmo Bay Resort, this is the mug we reach for when serving nice big cups of coffee and tea for long, slow sipping.

Product details: Holds 12 oz./350 mL

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

About Pinto Ceramics

Founded by self-taught potter Emmalee Madden, Pinto Ceramics is a small-batch pottery studio on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. The mission of Pinto is to accent the modern home with timeless, carefully-considered, functional wares.

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