Nimmo Bay x Anian Modern Melton Women's Shirt

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The Modern Melton is a staple piece to wear season after season—functional, stylish, comfortable, and sustainable. Featuring smooth, felted wool, the Melton is meticulously designed with the ever-changing weather of the Pacific Northwest in mind.

Thoughtful features make it a perfect transitional piece, with a tailored yet comfortable fit. Taking cues from history, the signature two-tone buttons are inspired by the Canadian military buttons of WWII. The soft but dense wool provides water and wind resistance, with natural thermo-regulating properties.

Made in Vancouver BC using post-consumer recycled wool, this is a staple piece that will live in your closet and on your back for many years to come.

This shirt proudly features the Nimmo Bay logo on the chest pocket.

Why we chose it

Our friends at Anian make some of the best shirts we've ever worn. The iconic Melton is equally functional for rugged adventures in the wild, and occasions when you need to look sharp.

Contents: 17-oz 80% post-consumer recycled wool/ 20% nylon

Care instructions: Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Wool is naturally antimicrobial and anti-staining. Wash as little as possible to reduce your environmental impact and extend the lifetime of your garment.

About Anian

Designed with respect for nature and built to transition from rugged outdoor pursuits to urban adventure, Anian is a quintessential west coast lifestyle brand. The entire collection is made in Canada using primarily recycled natural fibres and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

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