Wooden Cream and Sugar Set

Elise Mclauchlan
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This three-piece wooden serving set is perfectly designed for holding milk or cream and sugar for your coffee and tea. Made from Canadian maple and walnut, it's a modern take on the traditional heirloom tea set.

Each piece is hand-turned on Vancouver Island.

Please note, each set is one-of-a-kind and made by hand. The one you receive may not appear exactly as shown in the pictures.

Why we chose it

A beautiful handmade tea set to make the everyday ritual of tea time feel like a special occasion.

Contents: Maple/Walnut Wood

About Elise Mclauchlan

Elise McLaughlan is a woodturner and designer of wooden art, small furniture, vases, bowls, and other functional goods. Originally from the UK, Elise studied furniture design in London before moving to Canada. She now lives and works in Victoria, BC.

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