Candlestick Holders

Elise Mclauchlan
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These handmade candlestick sets are made from Canadian maple and walnut, turned by hand on Vancouver Island. The natural wood tones provide a sense of warmth, while the hand-carved tiers add an element of texture.

Each set includes two candlestick holders, one short (approx. 4 inches) and one tall (approx. 6 inches).

Please note, each set is one-of-a-kind and made by hand. The one you receive may not appear exactly as shown in the pictures.

Why we chose it

Candles have a way of setting the tone. We hope these handmade candlestick holders will inspire you to fill your home with candlelight.

Contents: Maple or Walnut Wood, Brass

About Elise Mclauchlan

Elise McLaughlan is a woodturner and designer of wooden art, small furniture, vases, bowls, and other functional goods. Originally from the UK, Elise studied furniture design in London before moving to Canada. She now lives and works in Victoria, BC.

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